Everyone Has An Agenda

All people desire things from you. Do not be deceived.

People will want you friendship to enjoy your company. People will want your money for their own gain. People will want to see you suffer for their own pleasure. This is the reality this is not a cold world or a cruel world. This is simply the world.

Do not be quick to judge people or fear them. Do not likewise, love them or create any solid idea of them to begin with. First you must understand them.

Analyze them. Their personality and what that personality desires. Their words and their goals. As I’ve said before analyze a conversation either during it is happening if you can or after it has occurred. These can reveal the intentions of a person and hidden meaning based on their context.

Once you understand what someone wants you can influence them and gain more power.

Written by Darth Kryptos

Not Peace, But War

“I have come to bring fire on the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled! But I have a baptism to undergo, and how distressed I am until it is completed! Do you think I came to bring peace on earth? No I tell you but division. From now on there will be five in one family divided against each other, three against two and two against three. They will be divided, father against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against mother, mother-in-law against daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law against mother-in-law.”
~Luke 12:49-53

I have often heard those who consider themselves light and therefore good looking to the Bible for examples and reference. The above quote is from the New Testament. It is the word of Christ. It fits in perfectly with the dark side teachings. Christ promotes conflict, division and war. He sees that it is through conflict that the man who is truly righteous will rise. Conflict results in mankind progressing. Through conflict people will emerge on top or at the bottom. Why does God wish man to struggle? Is it not so mankind becomes great and beautiful? In Genesis 1:27-28 God tells man that man and woman is created to be like himself. To be like God. We are also to bring the earth under the control of man to become fellow God’s. Is it not more likely that man was created to become fellow God’s then remain a slave? Look at Friedrich Nietsches works especially this…

“Companion’s the creator seeks not corpses not herds and believers, fellow creators the creator seeks, those who write new values on new tablets, companion’s the creator seeks and fellow harvesters…”

Is this not correct? Our God gave mankind free will but why? To be his companions not his slaves. We on the dark are those “fellow creators and harvesters”. We openly embrace our role as the shepherds of mankind.

Written by Noel Vock


There is a fine art I’d like to introduce you to, definitely one of the crucial skills in life. The art of persuasion. Call it whatever you’d like; manipulation, communication, I don’t care, but, basically, it amounts to talking someone else into doing something for you. Living mostly consists of interacting with other people, especially today, when your future depends on someone else in so many occasions.

Think about it, there are hordes of people who’ve got power over you. A simple clerk might cause a world of problems to you merely because they got up on the wrong foot that morning. An uncooperative cop might take your driver’s license because you were hurrying to work (there’s always a few unbribable idiots who don’t know what’s good for them). A professor might give you a bad grade which might stop you from getting on university. You might get in an absurd argument with your loved one over something completely trivial, but resulting in a break up. The list goes on…

You see, the problematic part of people’s behaviour is that they’re acting based on subjective factors. After all, a human brain doesn’t operate like a computer program with has a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ state. When you employ a human to do work for you, it’s not like using a computer program, which focuses all of its attention on doing the task; a human stays a human. Meaning a cop isn’t only a cop, he’s also a human being with all the drives and prerogatives of one. If it wasn’t like that, talking would be next to pointless. It’s part that enables you to convince them into things that don’t make sense, really. Each person is a case of its own, with their own psychological profile, and you have to take note of this when dealing with folks. Alright, with most people you meet, you won’t have the time to studiously analise them, but you can learn a lot as you talk, or from stories from other people, and there’s always intuition which’s usually a good judge, for a start.

Any regulation, law or rule is as strict as the people enforcing it are.

People always turn out to be the weak links. If you manage to find someones ‘buttons’, you can get people to do things for you (not to be confused with ‘bottoms’, which can also get people to do many things to you, too). Push the ‘buttons’ in another way, you can piss them off or drive them crazy. I’ll concentrate on the first one, because it’s damn useful.

Most cases where you might need to manipulate people are cases where you screwed up, or want something you have no ‘right’ to get, or want someone to do things you are supposed to do. At least that’s what would usually happen to me, I’d screw up and couldn’t get something through official channels anymore.

It’s very hard to define rules for manipulating people, because there are no rules, since you’re dealing with different individuals and have to be flexibile. Still, there are some pointers which are true in most of the cases.

First thing you must know is that 90% of the communication when you’re talking to someone is non-verbal. This means that actual words carry only 10% of the message. The way you say it, that is, punctuation, tone, speed, voice, carries about 30% of the message. Body language does the rest. This is important, because if your body and voice are saying “get me out of here!” there’s a good chance they won’t even listen to your words, to what you’re trying to say. It’s important to project confidence. I mean, not act it like a bad actor, because that kind of things puts people off, but project it. It’s really funny to watch nervous people try to be confident.

Anyway, here’s a list of tips and tricks. Now, they don’t all work in every situation, and which approach to use, when, etc.. is up to you to decide based on the situation you’re faced with. There’s no definitive way which always works.

I – Arrogance is for the inside. Be assertive, yes, by all means, but don’t be arrogant to people. I’m not saying you can’t be arrogant on the inside, but using it in most cases isn’t going to get you anywhere. That is, except in special occasions when arrogance might win the day, what usually requires something to be arrogant about, too.

II – Be on the nice and polite side. Isn’t a working tactic in all situations, but it’s a good approach. Smile.

III – Relax. No worries. There’s nothing to worry about. You and me are going to solve this all.

IV – Don’t back off just like that, be persistent. This can work, if you can be enough of a pain in the arse to make them do anything just to get you off their necks.

V – If you ask people for information or services ask in a way that will inflate their ego if they know the answer. Simple trick, really. For example, you want information on something, you start talking about it in their presence. Make them feel like they’re in the presence of a knowledgeable person, and they’ll strive to prove how much do they know. People have a need to tell confidental things to make themselves feel knowledgeable. Use this. They’ll even offer to do things for you to prove they can do them. Absurd, yes, useful, yes

VI – If you’ve screwed up, don’t take it seriously. Belittle your mistake, make a joke out of it, if possible. This way you won’t let others take them seriously. Just be subtle about it. Saying ‘it’s no big deal’ will more likely then not provoke a discussion, and they’ll start telling you it is a big deal.

VII – You can also admit the mistake, express your regret, and quickly go on, saying you’ll never do it again. Don’t dwell on it in any case. Saying you’ll never do it again kinda helps them get over it easier, what’s, in any case, good. Of course, this means admitting you’ve done it, and there are cases when you can’t afford to admit it.

VIII – Act like they already accepted your proposal. Heh heh. You can either do this with a trick question, or by making comments. You see, make it seem self-understood you’ll get what you want, basically, but ask ( or start talking ) about details. If you ask people will they do something for you, it’s much less likely they’ll do it then if you imply they’ll do it for you. Just don’t make it obvious, because they might figure out what you’re trying to do and get suspicious.

IX – Try to look for I win, you win solutions. Everybody likes them.

X – If someone’s selling you a lot of hogwash, ask for detailed explanations like ‘How does this profit me?’, ‘How can you do it?’. If someone’s trying to BS you, they usually don’t have the facts to support it, and will give indecisive answers, trying to answer without saying anything. Bloody obvious, you know? Just insist on the detailed answer, don’t get carried away by replying to misleading ones.

XI – Charm people. Doesn’t get much simpler then that, does it? Just don’t make it obvious, because a lot of people don’t like it when you’re sucking up, but everyone likes a charmer. Like me *winks* .

XII – Find a common enemy. You know, a joint attack on a common enemy brings people together. No better way to make a homogenous group then finding, or installing, a common enemy. Also, you can use a verbal ‘attack’ on a common enemy because of x charateristic they have to imply you don’t have it. Choosing sides, you know? (It’s very disgusting to see how people slander others when these aren’t around. I assume they’re using the stated tactic subconsciously, because having a common enemy bonds people together. This kind of speculation is really interesting, because it tells you a bit about the psychology of people who just have to malign someone.)

Anyway, this would be enough tips from ME. What I’d like you folks to do is to make your own. Invent new tactics, practice and improve existing ones, write them down, think of examples. Try analyzing who says what for what reason. All I said is rather useless if you just read it and say ‘this is good’. If you think something there is a load of shite and why, then say it, put it up for discussion, because that way we can all learn, and that’s what we are here for anyway.

Written by Bruce


On a snowy night, all snowflakes look the same. While they all are composed of the same material, it is only when examined closely one discovers they are in fact all different. Every snowflake is unique even among countless others.

Like a snowflake you too are unique among countless others. However the differences can be difficult to detect and indeed you might need to examine yourself closely to determine what exactly it is that makes you a unique individual.

As the foundation of your being, your genes can be assumed to be the root of everything else about you. Most prominent would be the matter of your physical appearance; however two or more persons can easily look exactly the same. Therefore it is the inside of yourself you must examine to determine what makes you the individual you are.

One of the more dominating factors in defining who you are is the choices you make. Hence every time you forgo making up your own mind, you forgo a chance to define yourself. Each time you limit your choices you limit the ways in which you could define yourself. Whenever you fail to stand by the choices you make, you fail to stand up for who you are.

Values, or ideals, are another big factor of what defines you as an individual. What matters to you should to a great extent dictate your choices, in that your choices should always be in the interest of what you deem important, or otherwise valuable. If they are not, they are not really your choices and as such will not truly serve you as an individual.

Like a thick crust, your thought pattern surrounds your personality, containing all other aspects underneath its layer. At times it will dictate all other factors of your personality and at other times they will dictate it.

More so, the way you think regulates how you interpret the world around you and the experiences within it. Two or more people can interpret the world in exactly the same manner, and so it alone does not make you unique. What does is the basis of your interpretation, the things you experience. In turn your interpretations of experiences will alter your thought pattern, and thereby your whole personality. The more you experience, the more opportunities you have to define yourself. Largely based on your thought pattern and your values, there will be certain goals that mainly your choices will determine if you reach or not. The most obvious goal will often be that of self preservation, because if there are no you, there are no values, or choices of yours to take and hence no goals in the first place.

Self preservation as a priority in this day and age might seem a little paranoid. However, there is more to it than what first appears. As your values, and choices define you as a person you must make sure that they are preserved as well as your physical being, because without them you would not be who you are. Not to say that you should not change or compromise, but merely that when you do, it should, wherever possible, be a choice of your own, and not that of others.

Knowing your values, being mindful of your choices and going for your goals will greatly assist you in furthering you as an individual in the sense that you will have an easier time recognizing yourself as someone unique as opposed to just another stereotype. The importance of which cannot be overstated.

When snow falls on your shoulders it is a mere nuisance, when a snowflake is examined it is truly beautiful. While the snow outside the windows is ultimately insignificant to your life, it is the snowflake that rests in your palm you remember and that has such impact on your life.

Written by D.K. (aka Darth Kruhl)


What is hate? How do we recognize it? Well only in comparison to love. We cannot know hate, unless we know love; the two depend on each other totally. What you hate is the contrast to what you love. Now if I hate part of myself, I must also love part of myself, otherwise their is no contrast.

…You are right, hate will consume, but it will leave a core of what you wish, what you love, and destroy that which you do not like.

The one difference is that in a world of infinite possibilities, you have a sustainable fuel available, but we should bare in mind that not everything is fuel, hatred, economies, life, are all dependant on certain circumstances.

I would have hate fuel my life as much as I would have love fuel my life, for even if they are not relative to each other (even though my personal experience would negate that), this is part of my very being, as I am an emotional being, a being who can react and form connections with the world on a level other things cannot, and to be true to myself is something most important in my opinion.

Written by Sa Dantaiko

Library Of The Infinite

The Force can be viewed as a library of knowledge, to some degree.

Everyone has access to this library and the knowledge is there for the taking; however, how many people dare tread the long and dark stairwell that leads to the catacombs; the place where the ancient truths of past time, the place where the enigmatic questions of humanity, the place where the very outer reaches of human awareness ponder, all are stored.

These catacombs are, in their own respect, the darkness. With the knowledge they store, one can become well versed and wise; however, one also becomes burdened with what plagued humanity since the dawn of time.

With the knowledge comes a higher level of consiousness; and yet, one that pursues this knowledge exposes themselves to the “dangerous truths”.

As Sith, one should accept this burden and power through it. But there comes a time in every Siths experience that one must drop everything… all strength, all power, all understanding, and bask in what is soley the darkness. Letting go of all that connected one to this world, yet not traveling to another.

Existing in the void of pure darkness.

The problem with this is that you cannot reach this place through anger, hate and rage. That will merely descend you into the catacombs of the darkness from the rest of humanity.

Once you have found these catacombs; this place of knowledge; in fact the actual darkness, one must cut the tethers that tie you to the rest of humanity:
When you have severed this humanity; albeit possibly temporarily, then you are free to flow with the current of the darkness, and many things will be revealed to you.

Make your mind clear and placid, void of thought or feeling, and allow the darkness to flow… and as long as you are in this Heart of Darkness, you find the mysteries and the understanding.

Written by Vallen


If you were to stand in the light before a cave, you could hear the darkness, see the face of it, and perhaps explore a while should there be a need for it. If you were to stand at the back of a cave, you could see all that was in the light with perfect clarity and yet see the darkness as well for what it was. If you wish to see it all, then embrace darkness for it is the one truth in the lies of the light. Within the light, you may only see what the light shines upon. Whereas in the dark, you can see the light and dark.

Human beings have the unique and dangerous ability to travel both realms with more ease than most realize. It is a simple thing for some to… as simple as stepping into the darkness in curiosity, for fun, or to help a lost other… For a light walker, it is easy to become lost in the darkness. On the other hand, a Sith is able to walk outside with relative ease. It is not comfortable to him or natural but more feasable than the flip side for Jedi comming inside.

There are secrets to be found in the hidden, things to learn that you can’t see, and lessons yet taught… but the world of the light is a large world too… though in the grand scheme of things is eventually much smaller than the world of caves. Stars only illuminate so far until they become nothing more than dots of cold light. It is darkness that waits. Darkness is everywhere that light is not. When a star dies, the darkness is there, when a star is born, it retreats temporarily… but it is still there. In every shadow, in every crevice, and in every space between light.

This post came over more as a recruiting ad than I like, I may have to modify it when I have the time.

Written by Anubium

Turning To The Dark Side

If you feel more attuned to the Dark Side, then you’re a Darksider. There’s no turning this way or that. You are what you are. It’s not like a professional wrestler making a “heel turn” or something.

You find that you’re thinking inwardly and that you’re self absorbed. All of these things inspire fear within yourself that you’re somehow becoming something that you would rather not be.

Well, friend, you can resist your nature all you want, but that doesn’t change who and what you are. You’ll be far more productive, and achieve a much greater understanding of yourself and the Force, if you stay true to your nature. If your nature is of the Darker variety, so be it. Accept it. Become strong with it. Let it guide you. Why fight it?

There is nothing wrong with following the Dark path. Though it’s been demonized by some, there’s nothing evil about it. The “evils” of the Dark Side are a construct of movie makers. I figure they reason it this way: “the Dark Side sounds sinister, so let’s call our villains followers of the Dark Side,” or something along those lines. This by default leaves our heroes as being adherents of the “Light Side” along with all the inherent goodness that such a title entails. Thus, we’re left with our on-screen antagonists engaged in the age old battle of “good versus evil” with the fate of the world (or galaxy) at stake. Very compelling moviemaking, I suppose. But, it has no basis in reality.

The Dark Side, to me, is just a more self centered approach to living. It represents living your life in the service of yourself instead of others. It’s about empowerment and independence and personal responsibility.

I feel one has to place himself above all others to realize his full potential. I believe that one has to be passionate in his pursuit of personal excellence. He should give all of himself, never holding back anything. He has to let the full power of all of his emotions drive him and inspire him and motivate him to the point that he never becomes lazy or complacent. It’s the actualizing of the self, the elevation of the self to greater and greater heights, and the higher levels of consciousness arising from these efforts that enable one to experience the Force in a very powerful way.

When one decides to become independent, empowers himself, takes responsibility for himself, works hard to make the most of his potential, achieves great things, and does it all for himself, he cannot help but feel at one with the Force.

To me, this isn’t evil. To me, this is living a life rich in rewards that transcend material wealth. This is fully “coming into being.” This is enlightenment!

Written by Dirk Sith


“An unstable tone combination is a dissonance; its tension demands an onward motion to a stable chord. Thus dissonant chords are ‘active’; traditionally they have been considered harsh and have expressed pain, grief, and conflict.”
~Roger Kamien

Dissonance is an online radio show (podcast) hosted by Khaos.

It is a different medium with which to express myself and my experiences on my path and share it with others. Nothing more than an extension of what I do here in text.

Sometimes training and learning is simply the ability to be mindful, listen, and glean any ideas that may be applicable to you in your daily life.

Take what you can and leave the rest.”

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The Dark Is Nothing

If I equate the individual to a black hole, the following question comes to mind: does the abyss contain an all-consuming fire, pulling inward all that it can, or is it empty, a void of nothingness? I would say both; in order to synthesize the two ideas, another idea might be introduced that brings a greater understanding of what seems to be a contradiction at first glance. It is the assertion that nothing isn’t really nothing… that ‘nothing’, if it can be pointed to and called anything at all, must be ‘something’.

“Strong hope is a much greater stimulant of life than any single realized joy could be.”
~Friedrich Nietzsche

Hope is empty, unfulfilled, hollow. Like desire, like ambition. They are, in their own strange way, voids. And they are also an important part of the strength and reach of gravity an individual can have. They ache to fill themselves. Little ambitions, small hopes, meager embers… they allow only for a quaint field of gravity. A flame that’s fed though, a dark flame that grows into an inferno… well, I’ve been known to say that we’re all born bright and shiny, but few develop the true gravity and darkness of a Dead Star fallen in upon itself.

For the successful Dark Adept, that so-called ‘nothing’ is the flame within, one that grows exponentially, insatiable, devouring all it is able to, and growing more able all the while. So it is indeed ‘something’, but beyond the experience or range of perceptions possessed by any true servant/follower of the light, and perhaps even beyond what most people can see or grasp, in spite of whatever brushes or flirtations with it they might’ve had in the past. The lighter folk especially… they can’t really pin it down as being anything, and so they call it nothing.

The Dark Side is a thing you must be enthralled in – in the grips of it, immersed in it, married and devoted to it – to truly percieve, appreciate, or understand. Dionysian, beyond the experience of a purely Apollonian spirituality. It is forever beyond reach of light bearers for the same reason that light will always be beyond me… I am not of it, and they are not of the Dark. To them, the dark is nothing. To us, it is everything.

Written by Darth Draconis